Monday, December 6, 2010

Lawyers | Attorneys Email Addresses list Database

This Legal Email Database Addresses includes Lawyers / Attorneys email & mailing list.This is a list of 3,180,832 email addresses
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Lawyer or Attorney at law is a person licensed by the state to advise clients in legal matters and represent them in courts of law (and in other forms of dispute resolution). Most countries today require professional law advisers in their judicial systems.

All addresses were collected After conducting a market research survey & tele calling process. This is s very useful collection of 95 percent optin database which consists of only Attorneys/lawyers email lists with their first & second name, email address, phone number, fax number, company name, office address, Region, state etc..

They are available by specialties, size of firm, and lawyers at your targeted location.
Common Counts, Selections, & Fees of Our Business Lawyers email lists file is:
2,87,467 records collected from as many as 84,895 business across the world entities
  • 1,74,317 email addresses
  • 123,489 postal addresses
  • 92,358 phone numbers
Available selections include:
  • Radius
  • County, City, State, Zip, SCF
  • Area code
  • Email domain
  • Telephone/fax
All files inside the archive are text files.xls and can be loaded into nearly any mass mail software.

Attorney Email LIST SOURCE

Gathered through Online request for adding email address form, law school and other public directories, Various conference materials, and online sources. Lawyers email list database includes data from wide array of public sources, which are extensively cross-checked to ensure accuracy. All statutory and ethical rules are strictly observed to protect list members and advertisers.